Carrying Life On My Back

Going from a 1600 ft^2 apartment in Denver to not having a permanent shipping address requires a certain amount of finesse. Enter scene – my 55 liter backpack, which I have given the lovenly given the nickname Hodor. Its big, boring and not all that flashy but should do what I always need it to. After doing research from other blogs and a few recommendations from friends who have done a similar journey, I have finally completed my packing list. I am sure this list will change as my location does and my experience grows but for now these are my closest possessions. (I will make sure to update the article as gear situation changes).

First off the bat is my pack. Its a 55 Liter Teton internal frame pack and has survived more than a few hiking excursions. Great hip/back support all while not breaking the bank. I have heard conflicting reports on what is better to bring more (70 Liters +) or something that can be considered a carry-on and that way you don’t need to spend more on checking a bag or worse losing one. I chose to go the middle road, the bigger the bag the more stuff you are bound to bring that you may not necessarily need. Being the life long over-packer I decided to not give myself the chance and went with the pack I have used and already love. It also helps to keep the expenses down since I am doing a rather budget trip. Boujie has never been used to describe me or my vacations.

Next up are my clothes:

Its not glamorous and will certainly require laundry every few days but its light and hey I figure I won’t need to always be looking my best.

2 T-Shirts
2 Long sleeve shirts
2 Pairs of shorts
5 Pairs of socks – “Feet, hands, neck, balls.. extra socks trumps them all!”
5 Pairs of underwear (most people opt for 3 and more laundry. I hate laundry)
1 Pair of jeans that I will probably end up throwing out
1 Baseball hat
1 Pair of swim trunks

Lifestyle Gear:


Camera Gear:

Sony A7III
f 3.5 28/70 Lens
Tripod – Amazon Basics (highly recommend cheap and works great)
Ipad Pro
Bluetooth keyboard
Ipad to SD cable
Ipad to female USB cable (for external storage)
Pelican Case (when in doubt splurge for a better case – its heavier and larger but trades for heat, shock and water proofing)

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